domingo, 21 de octubre de 2007

Marta's interior monologue.

I wonder if someday I could break this silence and I could speak aloud; I love him so much, I am very proud of serving him, my life is his and I desired my dust to be mingled with his. I know, he respects everything I do and I can feel all he feels.

Since we arrived America everything has become different and I remember exactly the meeting with the boys, I nursed their mother and I learnt to love them so much but they seemed so different from the respectful young boys that travelled to America with a dream, they seemed as if they had forgotten all their past, their roots, what their father meant to them. I remember the dinner and how they treated me, I was an outsider, even they wanted to get rid of me. They called it become Americanized, his father and I thought that they had just become stupids. My intuition rarely failed and I predicted that something big was at hand and when Gottlieb refused to introduce his future wife to his own father I could not restrain myself from shouting all what I thought; you, ungrateful stupid, how you dare!, but instead of revealing all my feelings I just dropped an iron pot. I couldn't help it, all inside of me was a mixture of rage and shame, I turned my eyes to Shadrach, he looked at me and in this moment I realized that a change was necessary, I also understood that under this dapper-looking young men they were a shallow, naïve young boys that had forgotten all the values his father taught them. My dear Shadrach commanded me to trhow Abel's cigar and I did it with delightful pleasure.

Time passed, and everything seems restored, Abel and Gottlieb become respectful and everytime I bring them the supper I feel that they look at me differently and I am really glad when they treat me respectfully. I know that this change was only possible under shrewd Shadrach's hand.

Now we live happy times, all we have changed. Here, in America I feel free, free to live my love, free to love my real family, all that I have, thanks Jehova!.

Esto es loq ue he tenido que hacer para la mujer de Inglé sé si hay que mandarsélo o qué...I need a second opinion.

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