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John Thomas & Lady Jane

She was nearly at the wide riding when he came up and flung his naked arm round her soft, naked-wet middle. She gave a shriek and straightened herself and the heap of her soft, chill flesh came up against his body. He pressed it all up against him, madly, the heap of soft, chilled female flesh that became quickly warm as flame, in contact. The rain streamed on them till they smoked. He gathered her lovely, heavy posteriors one in each hand and pressed them in towards him in a frenzy, quivering motionless in the rain. Then suddenly he tipped her up and fell with her on the path, in the roaring silence of the rain, and short and sharp, he took her, short and sharp and finished, like an animal.

He got up in an instant, wiping the rain from his eyes.

‘Come in,’ he said, and they started running back to the hut. He ran straight and swift: he didn’t like the rain. But she came slower, gathering forget-me-nots and campion and bluebells, running a few steps and watching him fleeing away from her.

When she came with her flowers, panting to the hut, he had already started a fire, and the twigs were crackling. Her sharp breasts rose and fell, her hair was plastered down with rain, her face was flushed ruddy and her body glistened and trickled. Wide-eyed and breathless, with a small wet head and full, trickling, na‹ve haunches, she looked another creature.

He took the old sheet and rubbed her down, she standing like a child. Then he rubbed himself having shut the door of the hut. The fire was blazing up. She ducked her head in the other end of the sheet, and rubbed her wet hair.

‘We’re drying ourselves together on the same towel, we shall quarrel!’ he said.

She looked up for a moment, her hair all odds and ends.


She turned round and climbed into his lap, clinging to him. ‘Kiss me!’ she whispered.

And she knew the thought of their separation was latent in both their minds, and at last she was sad.

She sat on his thighs, her head against his breast, and her ivory-gleaming legs loosely apart, the fire glowing unequally upon them. Sitting with his head dropped, he looked at the folds of her body in the fire-glow, and at the fleece of soft brown hair that hung down to a point between her open thighs. He reached to the table behind, and took up her bunch of flowers, still so wet that drops of rain fell on to her.

‘Flowers stops out of doors all weathers,’ he said. ‘They have no houses.’

‘Not even a hut!’ she murmured.

With quiet fingers he threaded a few forget-me-not flowers in the fine brown fleece of the mound of Venus.

‘There!’ he said. ‘There’s forget-me-nots in the right place!’

She looked down at the milky odd little flowers among the brown maiden-hair at the lower tip of her body.

‘Doesn’t it look pretty!’ she said.

‘Pretty as life,’ he replied.

And he stuck a pink campion-bud among the hair.

‘There! That’s me where you won’t forget me! That’s Moses in the bull-rushes.’

‘You don’t mind, do you, that I’m going away?’ she asked wistfully, looking up into his face.

But his face was inscrutable, under the heavy brows. He kept it quite blank.

‘You do as you wish,’ he said.

And he spoke in good English.

‘But I won’t go if you don’t wish it,’ she said, clinging to him.

There was silence. He leaned and put another piece of wood on the fire. The flame glowed on his silent, abstracted face. She waited, but he said nothing.


‘Ay! And you? Are you the Lady of the Red-Hot Mortar?’

‘Yes!’ she said. ‘Yes! You’re Sir Pestle and I’m Lady Mortar.’

‘All right, then I’m knighted. John Thomas is Sir John, to your Lady Jane.’

‘Yes! John Thomas is knighted! I’m my-lady-maiden-hair, and you must have flowers too. Yes!’

She threaded two pink campions in the bush of red-gold hair above his penis.

‘There!’ she said. ‘Charming! Charming! Sir John!’

And she pushed a bit of forget-me-not in the dark hair of his breast.

‘And you won’t forget me there, will you?’ She kissed him on the breast, and made two bits of forget-me-not lodge one over each nipple, kissing him again.

‘Make a calendar of me!’ he said. He laughed, and the flowers shook from his breast.


But he was coming back, trotting strangely, and carrying flowers. She was a little afraid of him, as if he were not quite human. And when he came near, his eyes looked into hers, but she could not understand the meaning.

He had brought columbines and campions, and new-mown hay, and oak-tufts and honeysuckle in small bud. He fastened fluffy young oak-sprays round her breasts, sticking in tufts of bluebells and campion: and in her navel he poised a pink campion flower, and in her maiden-hair were forget-me-nots and woodruff.

‘That’s you in all your glory!’ he said. ‘Lady Jane, at her wedding with John Thomas.’

And he stuck flowers in the hair of his own body, and wound a bit of creeping-jenny round his penis, and stuck a single bell of a hyacinth in his navel. She watched him with amusement, his odd intentness. And she pushed a campion flower in his moustache, where it stuck, dangling under his nose.

‘This is John Thomas marryin’ Lady Jane,’ he said. ‘An’ we mun let Constance an’ Oliver go their ways. Maybe — ’

DH Lawrence Lady Chatterley's Lover

Me entran escalofrios cuando leo esto.
Ilustración de la gran gran Raquel Aparicio Torinos.

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Actuation fan is lifelong ban assist of emperor of Zhan of chivalric ball house its are brave behavior
Cloth Lai Er pays price of deep feeling of grief because of impulse
Time of Beijing of Yahoo sports dispatch on March 24, beautiful media message, showing tremendous enthusiasm in the match of knight of 27 minutes of changeover, one is worn " we think you, came back 2014 " the Er of fan cloth Lai of the T-shirt is taken after field, spent in the detention house one in the evening, and lifelong off-limits knight advocate fast the house that borrow a ball --
Actuation penalty
This fan that is called Blair is among that match, the dress on the body " we think you, came back 2014 " the T-shirt, rush to look for Lebulang to field - Zhanmusi, nevertheless Blair is controlled very quickly by security personnel, and be taken subsequently give court. The reason business circumstances from the back probably a lot of people still do not know.
That night, after impulse Blair got punish, he is being taken after field, was sent a detention house subsequently, over Blair was spent one in the evening. And arrived local time Zhou Wu when, blair admitted his guilt, later he by the court because of misfeasance, and be sentenced amerce of 250 U.S. dollors, and still be punished lifelong off-limits knight advocate fast the house that borrow a ball.
Let Zhanmusi very appreciation
Although get such punishment, nevertheless Blair still is very glad to do this business. When he develops field, he is controlled by security personnel. But before come on the stage, before Zhanmusi walks up, tap his head. Very apparent Zhanmusi did not feel angry to Blair's [url=]cheap air maxes[/url] behavior, still was full of instead gratified.
The detail that communicates with Blair disclosed after Zhanmusi, "He says to me he thinks me, and want let me come back to play a ball game. I do not have too much reaction, because myself does not feel,fear, I extend both hands to this thing. " Zhanmusi says, "He is so likely nevertheless that he waited for in the detention house, this meeting lets him appear in " world sports center " in the program. " look Zhanmusi understands the consequence that does this business very much.
Two people are being pushed hand in especially stream
Successful ground of cloth Lai Er said his word Zhanmusi to listen, more those who make him worth while and glad is, zhanmusi is being pushed later special above still paid close attention to him. This is Blair is in before sent to push special, he is pushing special above write: "Zhanmusi hello, went up last night, rush when me enter the arena inside when, be very obliged you show the love that give. " Zhanmusi is pushed very quickly to this undertook transmit especially, and praised Blair's action, "Yes! You are a brave fellow. " Zhanmusi is being pushed special above reply. (Responsibility edits: Shen Min is clear)

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Golf lives theory: Want to live to want to promote whole the standard again already
See a phenomenon before New Year: In international contest of China, ground of foreign player scene took away the bonus of the majority, and Chinese player is costar only, acquire the stake that has pity on less. Think at that time, will tell to professional player, the match has commercialized demand, do not rise without benefit early, give no cause for more criticism, but does such match have He Hao to be in at us? The audience is OK one feast one's eyes on, see star of big shop sign of a lot of [url=]cheap jordan shoes[/url] international, but our player is benefited however finite: Stake of a huge sum falls into family pocket, one year a few finite " respect accompany end " awkwardness exercises an opportunity, apparent this is not the competition that we mean truly. What we want is, can satisfy already live need, the system is fostered and can promote us the home of player whole level's own profession match again. In other words, it is bonus abundant and the professional match with tournament more play.
The idea of above, via the communication with the personage inside player and course of study, get affirmation and confirm.
This period we had thorough story to this problem, through be being interviewed in great quantities, analyse the live way of player of Chinese golf profession. If we cannot build our formidable own competition to make, so the development of Chinese golf and progress are excessive talks, and the is not autonomy commerce match that a large number of offerring, also can become foreign player only " the China that surround hunt " interest bait.
Domestic match, it is to give domestic player to build an act in an opera, having some of person among them is leading role, some people are costar, of course some of person also is unavoidable walk-on, but after all this is we are made up oneself guide oneself the big play that performs oneself, a ground acts go down, always have be a utility man also became costar, when costar also have should go up one day of leading role. Can let these players be content with the match, with respect to need this contest is made can let them live through trying hard to be able to be maintained, behave even those who highlight is OK still live very well, resemble laky the water amount that has plentiful, fish OK and lively grow, grown fish still can run quickly to great river great river freely.
Chinese economy is in the world still driving, chinese entrepreneur is not lacked with great quantity bearing, chinese player is enough also hard, why cannot get our own match wind wind fire? Devoid foresight, devoid bearing, devoid creation, lack patient be caused by. Do only forever the simplest and easy thing, consider the ending of instantly and benefit only forever, great thing is destined to won't be born! If in those days Bobby Jones is ideal without what hold to his in corner, be afraid in the future Aogusida won't be so famous, american Great Master is surpassed also so won't thorough popular feeling.
A year of new beginning, there already was good news to transmit before this: Asia-Europe opposed is royal cup, asian team fights get victory absolutely in adding a hole to surpass finally! Asian player is in progress, korea player performance is the most outstanding, we also should quicken a pace, and need whole quickens a pace!
(Executive chief editor: Huang Xiaobo original title: Golf lives theory)